news & updates

26.03.23: added new steam deck modding page behind the steam icon!

18.03.23: added the creations select screen and the subpages for each category! i will soon add the function to click for fullsize image :)

12.03.23: added the steam icon but sadly, the icons remain undraggable in firefox if there's a link behind it. i am working on it.

06.03.23: added, my journal, and the paint window :) sadly the iframe elements won't be made draggable because then you can't interact with the content of the elements. but the icons remain draggable :) made the journal only open when intentionally clicked and not dragged so the icon can be dragged without opening a new window! can be buggy on firefox but should reliably work in chromium-based browsers.

currently working on the fact that the page seems to look slightly different on different laptops/pcs despite all having 1920x1080 and 100% zoom! i would also love to implement a fill bucket into the paint window.

04.03.23: this page is still under construction :)

you can try out the start button and drag the icons around. i hope some time i can also include the text window in the draggable items!

i've removed the snake minigame from the homepage for now because it's still pretty broken but it will make a return in the future and can still be accessed here!

other than that, i am planning to make a proper page for my crafts and hobbies where you can select between my sewing content, the embroidery, my paper and digital art, my old 3d models (hopefully i will create new ones soon!) and i also want to create a page that gives you a random poem of mine on a button press. ♡